Male Hair loss

Hair Loss in Men

Men normally lose their hair when three main factors interact: genetics, age, and hormones. Also known as androgenetic alopecia, male-pattern baldness happens as hormone levels change over the course of a man's life.

Moreover, genetic factors also affect the likelihood of male-pattern boldness. The great news is that men can now do something about their hair loss with a variety of treatments that can maintain, restore and rejuvenate their hair.

Early intervention can slow or even stop hair loss; but it’s never too late. By the time you notice the hair loss it’s usually more advanced than you think. When the panic sets in you buy expensive shampoo, vitamins, supplement pills, and creams. All of us want to perform at the top of our game, to be the best we can be. We certainly don’t want to look older than we feel. Now, we don’t have to.

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Fast facts on male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, typically occurs later in life as a result of changing hormone levels.

Hair loss can be psychologically distressing for men, and they may seek a variety of treatments.

Other causes of hair loss include nutritional deficiencies, infections, and some psychological conditions.

Treatments include medications, laser and light therapies, and hair transplantation.

Hair Loss Solutions

The New Science of Re-growing Hair

Scientists now know what causes hair loss, how to prevent it and how to reverse it! It is the presence of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone, a product of testosterone metabolism, that usually is the underlying cause of male hair loss. The obvious way to block DHT would be to halt the presence of testosterone, but that is a bit extreme.

Interestingly, DHT doesn’t affect the scalp hair on the sides and back of the head meaning those hair follicles never go dormant. This characteristic makes them ideal for relocation to the top of the scalp. When treating the front and top of the scalp, we focus both on (1) blocking DHT ‘s effects, and/or (2) transplanting DHT-resistant follicle units from the back of the head. These DHT-resistant follicles will always be resistant to DHT and become a permanent solution to male pattern baldness.

TRIDOC Hair Restoration utilizes a proven combination of three medical-grade techniques to slow hair loss, stimulate dormant hair follicles to grow again, or move growing hair to the place on your scalp where you need it the most. The three procedures can be performed at our TRIDOC Hair Restoration Location. We will examine and analyze your hair loss pattern; then, design a personalized regimen to get the best results for you.

Three new therapies have proven to regrow hair

laser light therapy-male

Laser Light Therapy wakes up dormant hair follicles and stimulates growth for a fuller, thicker head of hair. Laser Light Therapy works exceptionally well in the early stages of hair loss and can slow or even stop hair loss.
Learn more about Laser Light Therapy.

injection therapy-male

Injection Therapy invigorates hair follicles by fueling the root with growth factors that are harvested from your own blood. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes and there’s no down time.
Learn more about Injection Therapy.


FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction)…No scalpel, incisions or staples! Minimal downtime. Your hair continues to grow normally. The transplanted hair looks and feels like your own natural hair – because it is.
Learn more about NeoGraft FUE.

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Hair Loss Solutions

More About Hair Restoration Therapy

A number of medications can block the DHT effects and slow or even stop male pattern balding. We also use infra-red light therapy and injection therapy to help invigorate hair follicles and even reduce their susceptibility to DHT.
Genetics also plays a role. If his mom’s hair is thinning and Dad’s scalp is balding, a male will be at higher risk for significant hair loss. Statistically speaking, more than half of all men over age 50 are going bald. Don’t be a statistic – make an appointment today to discuss these issues

If you’re thinking of old fashioned patchy hair plugs … think again! The new Follicle Unit Extraction transplant (FUE) system by NeoGraft is state-of-the-art precision technology that results in microscopic slits that are virtually undetectable by the naked eye. FUE makes possible the precision placement of each hair follicle group. There’s no unsightly scar.

If you are trying to grow a full beard without much luck, a facial hair transplant may be the right solution.
To make hair fuller in the right areas of the face, we use a technique called NeoGraft to harvest hair from the back of the scalp. Each hair is then transplanted to the area of the face where fuller hair growth is desired. This treatment allows our specialists to use your real hair for a natural beard, eyebrow or even on the chest.

The beard area on guys is often quite patchy or the two sides can be uneven. Hair can be transplanted from the back of the scalp to the beard. The new hairs grow in and can be cut and manicured just like the rest of the beard and you can’t tell which is the transplanted hair! Hair can be placed in areas such as the chest or can be made to look thicker and fuller. Hair added in places like the chest can be used to hide scars. The hair can be groomed any way you like once it grows in.