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There are seemingly hundreds of different hair loss treatments with varying levels of reliability and success. But some are based on much more solid science than others.

One of these treatments is Injection Therapy, simply a substance drawn from your blood and injected into your scalp that can purportedly help heal bodily tissues, including follicles from which your hairs grow. The injection is extracted from your blood using a centrifuge-like mechanism that can separate the substance from your blood and increase the concentration of specific proteins that promote healing.

The kind of Injection Therapy performed at TRIDOC Hair Restoration is an established and effective medical treatment modality in different specialty fields such as oral surgery, neurosurgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, sports medicine and orthopedics. It has been used extensively in these specialties for the last two decades with generally positive outcomes and success. In the field of hair restoration, existing evidence demonstrates Injection Therapy as a promising treatment option to promote hair grow.


Benefits of Injection Therapy for Hair Loss

Wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to Injection Therapy? Here are some of the benefits from Injection Therapy treatments:

Surgery is not necessary, so patients do not have to go through a long recovery

Gentle injections avoid scarring that can occur from a traditional hair transplant

Hair growth typically becomes visible within 3 months from the first hair treatment session

Injection therapy can be used to enhance the results of a traditional hair transplant surgery

young woman geting Injection Therapy
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Before and After

before-after-injection-therapy-man scalp

Injection Therapy is a promising treatment for androgenic alopecia.

Results after: 3 treatment (7 months)

Courtesy of Dr. Usha Rajagopal, San Francisco Plastic Surgery and Laser Center.

before and after of young blond guy with hair loss

Injection Therapy

Results after: 3 treatments

Courtesy of Windsor Dermatology.

top of woman's head showing before and after hair loss recovery

Injection Therapy

A 42-year-old woman with AGA shown before (A ) and after (B) three Injection Therapy treatments administered over 5 months.

Results after: 3 treatments

Courtesy of Strategic Wellness Center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The first round of treatments takes a few visits to see initial results. After the results start to appear, you’ll still need to get touch-ups at least once a year to maintain new hair regrowth.

The Injection Therapy has some possible side effects from the injections and from the procedure itself, including:

  • Blood vessel injury on the scalp or nerve injury
  • Infection at the injection site
  • Calcification or scar tissue where the injections are done
  • Side effects from anesthesia used during the procedure, such as muscle aches, confusion, or bladder control issues

It involves taking plasma from your blood and injecting it into your scalp to stimulate hair growth. The procedure is relatively painless and requires zero recovery time.

Injection Therapy produces noticeable results after just four to six weeks. However, it may be approximately 3.5 months before you see the results you were looking for. Due to the hair growth cycle, ideal results can take up to three sessions.

Please eat a normal breakfast or lunch the day of your session. Drink a bottle of water (500 mL) at least 2 hours before your session. It is strongly recommended to take a hot shower to wash your hair that evening, after the treatment, to promote the effects of the Injection Therapy following your treatment.

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